SAMARTH competes lawfully and ethically in the marketplace and acts responsibly in its relationships with healthcare professionals, patients, consumers, hospitals, academics, governments, regulatory entities, business partners, customers, suppliers and vendors. It provides innovative products to customers and ensure honest and fair in all business dealings. SAMARTH has strong presence of more than 6 decades in the field of Manufacturing and having expertise of producing world class unique products at an affordable price and fulfilling corporate endeavour- “Adding Life to Life”.

    It provides innovative products to customers and ensure honest and fair in all business dealings. A reputed and renowned name in launching unique molecules 1st time in India market and having Strong presence in the management of tertiary care in almost all the big set up corporate, Government, semi government and private medical collages and striving hard to ensure the foot print in small nursing home across the length and breadth of the country. Outgrowing market pace, leading the table in majority of therapeutic segment where we have a presence; creating waves in domestic market with our ever-growing presence in Anaesthesia & Interventional cardiologist portfolio; Oncology, infertility, women health care and serving the niche of Urology, Gastroenterology, physician, surgeon and Critical care management.


    • ANCARD

      “Touching lives in Critical moments” since more than 2 decades by providing world class quality and economical therapeutic options in the management of shock, hypertensive management in critical care, wide array of Anaesthetic agents and anticoagulants therapy. The strong equity and penetration in all major corporate hospitals with a flagship brands like “Adrenor”, “Lobet” & “Caprin” topping the chart in their own segment.

    • SAMGEN

       “Innovation and diversity nurture life” is the value propsition of the division where we cater niche of super specialty like Neuro, Gastro, Surgeons & Uros & Peadiatric Cardiologist. Diversify super specialty presence with unique & exclusive offerings like ENDOCRYL, UROTONE, FUROPED, DIXIN & ANOBLISS. All major brands are creating waves and outgrowing the market growth and brands like UROTONE & ANOBLISS are the no. 1 in its segment.


      “Hope of life in Critical conditions” by continuously beating critical infections in critical care. Division takes pride in giving new class of antibiotic to Indian pharma market by Polymxin B. A comprehensive range of High end and low end Antibiotics with affordable price endorsing and extending the corporate vision of adding life to life. Having flagship brands like “Poly B”, “Elistin” and Plugpen & Maxopen.


       “Care with Quality”, our persistent endeavor to provide world class quality products at affordable price to improve QOL and survival. Pioneer and amongst first few companies having its own capability of manufacturing Cytotoxic & Hormonal treatment. Striving for its own MAB in our own R&D and flagship brands making waves are ENDACE, SAMTICA, LEUCORIN & FULVESER our new introduction.


      India Livestock Sector

      Livestock sector plays an important role in the national economy contributing to 4% of GDP. The growth of livestock sector helps in supplementing family incomes and generating gainful employment especially in the rural sector.


      India continues to be the largest producer of milk in the world. World milk production is estimated at 730 million tonnes and Indian milk production stands at 165 million tonnes.  India has the world’s largest livestock population — 58 per cent of buffaloes and 15 per cent of cattle. Owing to this huge bovine stock, though India has managed to attain numero uno position in milk production, the full potential of Indian milch herd remains unattained.


      Poultry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India today. Their growth rate has been rising at 8 to 10 percent per annum. As a result, India is now the world's third largest egg producer and the fourth largest producer of broilers. The organized sector of poultry industry is contributing nearly 70% of the total output and the rest 30% in the unorganized sector in India

      Animal Healthcare Market- India

      India Animal Healthcare Market is around INR 4000 Crores with 50% contribution from Ruminants & 42% from Poultry species as per different market estimates. The healthcare market is growing at 8% annually on account of rising disposable income resulting in increased spent on animal proteins (Milk, Eggs & meat).

      Animal Health Business (Zuevets) of Samarth

      Zuvets was launched in 2017.  Zuevets as a team has been consistently building and growing its Dairy business. The team is poised to grow further not only in current operating areas of West & North but also in South and Other Regions with further expansion in near future. We will soon be launching Poultry Division across India.


      “Strengthening the Hands of Urologists” -  A division dedicated towards making a better second innings of life for Man, with its extensive range of products in the therapeutic areas like Anti BPH, Prostate Cancer, Overactive Bladder, Urinary Tract Infections & many more…

    • SamKAM

      “Saving Millions of Poor Patients’ Lives”, SamKAM is a fast growing young Division & has been instrumental in catering to the dire needs of critically ill Poor Patients across India (from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari), who avail High End Quality Medicines of the company free of cost through various State & Central Government Hospitals.

    • EXPORT